Working and studying – piece of cake!

Humans of FSB published another interesting story, but this time about our president of corporate relations, Eugen Kalanj Matković. Read the story and find out what Eugen had to say to student who think working while studying is a mission impossible!

“Soon after enrolling the Faculty, I had to find myself a job because of my financial situation at the time. I didn’t find this problematic because I wanted to become independent and make something using my own hands. Despite the opinion of my faculty colleagues, that it is too hard to work and study at the same time and it often leads to being thrown out of college, I knew what I wanted and I was persistent. Using Student service I found a job as an assistant in the Whirlpool Corporation. The truth is, it wasn’t easy at all, but now, 4 years later, I do not hesitate to say this job has opened my eyes. As much as acquiring knowledge from books and lectures is necessary for understanding your profession, when you are put in business environment everything is new and unseen. I would recommend to anyone, whenever possible, to gain as much working experience as possible and acquire new skills. I realized how the real world works and I also acquired some priceless social skills. I’ve already had two promotions, so now I’m working at the position of a sales trainer and a regional agent for my company. I’m thankful that my potential was recognized and that I was given a chance from the right people. I’ve cooperated with a wide range of people, from blue collar workers who struggle with finances, to white collar workers who are particularly wealthy. Differences aside, we shouldn’t criticize anybody without understanding their point of view, because every one of us has our own story, our own problems and experiences. Today we live in a society where only one wrong decision could cost us a few years of huge effort, which is something I saw with my own eyes. It happens to everybody to some extent and it isn’t the reason to quit. The most important thing is that you stay in a good relationship with people which you meet on the way up, because once you are down, you will sooner or later encounter those same people.“

Eugen Kalanj Matković, student

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