The strenght of will is our biggest strength!

Meet another member of our SOME family, the face behind all the marketing, advertising and story-telling, Anamarija Kovačević, PR Manager. Read more about her life journey and motivation in the article.

“As a high school graduate I was indecisive about my further study. I found an interest at this Faculty, in Materials Engineering and Physical Education! Although there are things I find uninteresting, I want to reach my full potential, and being a teaching assistant for P.E. course also made me find my meaning here. I simply have too much energy. I wake up as the sun comes out. If I’m not doing anything useful as I see the daylight, I feel like I’m going to waste all day. Sometimes you encounter something bad or restraining. However, if you are not able to alter something, try catching a fancy of the good things available, which are always possible to find if you put a little effort. The same goes for people.
I think that the lack of willpower is the only thing that can prevent you from achieving something. I stopped smoking after 5 years, which perhaps someone would consider to be a short period. If your will is stronger than your addiction to nicotine or anything else, it is going to win… Of course, motivating environment is also an important factor, but one’s will always do as one wants. We all have our own choices, interests and wishes; it would be pity if we would only compete with each other. That is why associating with variety of people is great, but with those who are ready to compromise. Finally, your actions towards yourself and other people dictates how well you do. Sometimes it is necessary to stop for a moment and turn around yourself in order to check the people standing there, right next to you and not only to push your own business. People are very bigoted. Sometimes I am too, but only a few people will take a little effort to get to know you and make sure if I care about your birthday or your health. I enjoy making someone happy, show someone that you care about him. I ask my friend if he wants a sweet, and it instantly makes him happy. Any small gesture, even if it is just giving someone some candy, can make someone’s day. “

Anamarija Kovačević, student