A grain of wisdom

This is now the third time Humans of FSB published a story about a member of SOME, our president of the fundraising team, but he is so much more than just that. Read what Matija Pisk had to share about himself and his view of the world in the story.

“The purpose of faculty is not to exclusively study all day long. The most important thing you should get from your education is to get developed as a person… Everything else comes as an addition. Find yourself in any activity you want and then do it. The only thing needed is will, ability to initiate and do something useful. One thing I hate the most is people complaining and making excuses. Do you have a pair of arms? A pair of legs? All the organs? Are you able to use your brain? If your answer is affirmative then go out and make something useful. Ultimately, there is no one who makes you do anything. Make your own choice, but then don’t mourn about any missed opportunities. Go out for a drink, visit Plitvica lakes, Crikvenica, any place you want, maybe go karting, learn something new, talk to your professor, learn how to play an instrument… No matter how busy I sometimes get: work at student organization SOME, Krav Maga training, housework, faculty, studying… It fulfils me. That is how I function. My Grandpa comes from Zagorje and he used to work on a cottage there for years. Now he got old and can’t work hard or manage heavy tools anymore. I have become his new hands. When elderly get a chance to teach the younger ones, they become indescribably happy. They just want to impart their knowledge to someone. When you accumulate knowledge whole life and then don’t get a chance to give pass it to someone, it is the worst possible scenario.”
“Some things you would not choose to happen will happen. It will not always be the way you want. It is actually great. Imagine being on a boat sailing into the unknown. With waves engulfing and all swinging. The storm strengthens but the night is young… You might get stranded on some heavenly island, or maybe one populated with cannibals. You also might continue sailing. We don’t know where we are going to end up, we don’t have a clue, but we have to take up rudder anyway. This element of surprise… It is worth living for. You never know what boy or girl you might meet, what kind of job you might have, what you might do, where you might go. If you knew, it would not be interesting. We would not even try living, we would just sleep all day long instead.”

Matija Pisk, student